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Hi, thank you for your interest in working with Deelycious! My name is Dee, and I’m a passionate food blogger and culinary enthusiast.

The Deelycious brand is dedicated to helping readers discover the joys of cooking and enjoying Asian cuisine. Content includes recipes, kitchen tips, food reviews, and restaurant reviews.

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If you’d prefer to contact me on Instagram please send a DM through here.

Sponsored Posts, Campaigns, and Social Media Content

I’m available to write sponsored posts and create social content to help drive campaigns for your (or your client’s) brand.

Content on this blog and its social channels focuses on:

  • Delicious and easy-to-follow recipes
  • Tips and tricks for home cooking
  • Reviews of kitchen gadgets and food products
  • Culinary travel and food experiences
  • Health, wellness, and the joys of home-cooked meals

I love to promote products and services that embody these values. Please note that in order to comply with advertising standards, I will mark promotional blog posts as ‘sponsored’. If you’d like to reach out about a sponsored post or other media options, please get in touch to work with me here.

Guest Posts and SEO Outreach

I’m available to write guest posts on your blog. Topics may include easy weeknight dinners, baking tips, healthy meal ideas, kitchen hacks, and gourmet recipes that impress.

I welcome guest post submissions, providing they align with the values of Deelycious and do not create a risk for the readers of the blog. In keeping with advertising standards, I mark paid promotional guest blogs (including outbound links) as ‘sponsored’, or ‘advertorial’.

Media Pack

Please contact me on the form above for a media pack.

Thank you for considering Deelycious! I look forward to collaborating with you and sharing the joy of delicious food with our readers.

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